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Tax Season is finally over and to celebrate I am going off topic today. The Net Fool is having a contest and I signed up as a sponsor! I am only one of many, this contest has so many prizes offered that everyone who enters should win something! Prizes include cash, blog reviews, advertising and much more. In fact, there is over $4,500 being offered in cash and prizes! For a complete list of prizes keep reading. To enter the contest click on the banner above and read the post at The Net Fool.

I’m going to run my own little side contest here in conjunction with the Net Fool Contest. Leave a comment on this post and I will give 10 random commentors 10 Entrecredits each! Make sure I know your Entrecard ID!

Now for the prize list…it’s huge!

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Theme Changes

Please bear with me while I work on changing my theme. I think it is time for an upgrade, and I have a few things I would like to try out. Sorry for the inconvinience, I’ll try and finish up quick. Hopefully things will look lots better when I am done! Edit: Despite crashing the … Read moreTheme Changes

Entrecard and Taxes?

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I’ve just recently become involved with Entrecard. Entrecard is a networking site for bloggers that involves “dropping” your card on websites and having cards dropped on yours. Sort of like the calling cards of old. I have found Entrecard to be a great marketing tool and it has already brought tons of traffic to my site.

Thanks to Entrecard I have also found plenty of interesting sites that I might never have found otherwise! I’ll be featuring some of them in another post, in my newly added Off-topic category!

Now on to taxes. At Entrecard you earn “credits” (some are now calling them entrecredits) by dropping your card on sites, and by selling ads on your site. You can then use those credits to buy ads on other sites. Simple enough so far. But a whole economy is springing up where people are buying and selling other goods and services using entrecredits. Today people are selling advertising, web consulting, and even cookie recipes using entrecredits. That brings up an interesting question, are these taxable events? Do the sellers need to report taxable income when all they have received are entrecredits? The answer is a surprising probably!

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