Come On In and Join the Discussion!

I want to spend a moment and encourage all of you to take a moment and check out my forum. In the forum we talk about all things relating to money and business.

Here are some examples of the discussions going on.

Yuppy wrote a wonderful post on those quick tax loans.

…Want your money today? If approved for the Instant Refund Anticipation Loan (IRAL), you can get your $200 tax refund check today for only $77.23! (This includes a $20 check processing fee, and a $27.28 finance charge at 481% APR.) Oh, did I forget to mention that you will also have to pay a $29.95 Refund Account Fee? …

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Phidippides had an interesting experience with Google Adsense.

A warning if you are trying to gain money by putting ads on your web site. I had Google Adsense on a few of my sites, one of which was really popular at a particular point in time. I had gained a decent amount of money that Google should have paid out. When it came time to pay, though, I got a letter from Google claiming that I had somehow violated the terms of service. I appealed that decision but they maintained that I had broken some rule. All the money that I had earned in my account? Poof!

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I am also going to start a board just for Entrecard discussion. There does seem to be a lot to talk about, and if I really like your post, I might just buy you a beer!

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