Theme Changes

Please bear with me while I work on changing my theme. I think it is time for an upgrade, and I have a few things I would like to try out. Sorry for the inconvinience, I’ll try and finish up quick. Hopefully things will look lots better when I am done!

Edit: Despite crashing the forum and having it down for a day, I am happy with the changes being made! I now have a theme that I like for the blog, and one that works well for me for the forum.  What would really be nice now is to have them customized so they match.  If anyone out there is talented enough to modify the themes I have so that they at least share the same colors, (more blue than the blog, less blue than the forum!) PM me in the forum. Maybe we could work something out.

4 thoughts on “Theme Changes

  1. @Melo, thanks! I think I am going to stick with this one, I might get a nice header for it, but other than that it is working well for me.

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