Shop Smart: Use the Internet to Save Money

I have to say that I love the internet. Mostly because it saves me money. By combining online discounts and using a cash back service I save a few hundred dollars a month on normal household purchase. I am going to walk you through a recent $91 purchase of mine and show you how I saved over 40% shopping online instead of going to my local store.

First off I saved money by not driving to the store. The store is 5 miles away, my car gets 20 miles to the gallon, so going there and back I didn’t use 1/2 gallon of gas, add the wear and tear on the car and I have saved over $2.

Then I started my shopping at Ebates. Ebates is a website that pays you cash back for all you shopping. And I am not talking about a small amount. I don’t need to shop at special stores, and I still get all the other discounts I am entitled to. Ebates sends out checks quarterly and I usually get a check every quarter. In this case the store I am shopping at is being featured and offering 12% cash back! This unusual, most cash back amounts are in the 3-5% range. On my $91 purchase I earn $11 cash back! Very nice.

Selecting the store is important This time I am shopping for common household supplies. Cleaning products, toilet paper, feminine products, soap, etc. With the aforementioned 12% cash back it is an easy decision to shop at Even without the Ebates cash back they usually have very good prices compared to my local store. They also have their own incentive program. With every purchase I earn “bucks” that I can spend on a future purchase. With this purchase I earn 4 “bucks” but I will use that on a future purchase so I don’t count it here.

I shop the sales and find some really good deals. I save over $20 compared to what I would have spent at my local store. Once again this is a bit unusual, I normally save around 10%. As usual I make sure that my order is over $50 so I qualify for free shipping saving another $5. (First time customers get free shipping with just a $25 order!)

Total savings $2 car expenses, $11 Ebates cash back, $20 saved over local store prices, plus $5 saved on shipping.
My total savings are $38 or 34% of what I would have paid if I had gone to my local store.

That is just one example, but it is not the only one. Using a combination of Ebates and online store discounts I have also save $35 on a pair of $105 shoes. I bought a backpacking tent for $99 that was selling for over $200 at my local store. (That was a clearance purchase with a 20% discount for first time customers combined with a 5% Ebates cash back. )

How much have you saved by shopping online? I would really like to know!