Save Money, Save the Planet – 5 Simple Things You Can Do Now to Save Money and the Environment

It is an amazing thing that many of the things you can do to save money are also things you can do to save the planet. Simple changes in your life can add up to bigger savings in the bank, and a smaller carbon footprint. Make these simple changes in your household and you can feel good that you are helping the environment and saving money!

1. Use cloth instead of paper.

The corporations are trying hard to get us to use disposable everything. It adds to their bottom line if you use something once and throw it away, and then need to buy more. What adds to their bottom line takes away from yours, so do your best to move away from disposable anything.
About a year ago I started using cloth towels instead of paper towels and cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. I hardly notice a difference in my laundry, but my bank account can see the difference.

2. Walk whenever you can.

I’ve recently moved into a small town and I can walk everywhere. I walk to the post office, I walk to the library, I walk to the grocery store. My car sits in the driveway and I am not using gas. Plus, when I walk to the grocery store I am less likely to buy what I don’t need, I know I’ll need to carry it home! Walking is an all around winner. When I walk I am saving money, saving the environment, and improving my health!

3. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar to clean.

Instead of using toxic chemicals to clean, try using products you can eat! Baking Soda and Vinegar are cheap,and I buy in bulk so there is less packaging to throw away. I know the products are safe for my family and for the environment. Yes, sometimes it takes a little more elbow grease to clean without chemicals, but I see that as a benefit also, I am using more calories to clean!

4. Drink Tap Water

Despite the popularity of bottled water, the truth is, in most places treated municipal tap water is just as safe, or even safer, than purchased bottled water. If you really can’t bring yourself to drink water straight from the tap, then invest in a good inline water filter and use your own refillable bottles.

5. Buy Used

You can get multiple benefits by buying used items. You save money, you keep something useful out of the landfill, and if you buy from a thrift store that supports a charity you can be supporting a worthwhile cause at the same time. I bought all my cloth towels and napkins from a thrift store and they were practically new and cost almost nothing. In fact, 4 cloth napkins cost less than one roll of paper towels!

There you go, 5 simple things you can do right now that will save you money and help the environment!

2 thoughts on “Save Money, Save the Planet – 5 Simple Things You Can Do Now to Save Money and the Environment”

  1. These are all important tips, however for me the biggest savers are drinking tap water and replacing paper, whenever possible, with cloth.

    I realize this is an unpopular view among many frugalists, but I don’t think bottled water is any less frugal then soda. I get the point that people who drink soda always fall back on make, that you can’t get soda out of your tap. However, when it comes down to it, someone who buys a few liters of soda each week or goes through a couple of twelve packs is just as un-frugal as someone who buys a case of water each week, only a little less healthier. Just IMHO…

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