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Tax Season is finally over and to celebrate I am going off topic today. The Net Fool is having a contest and I signed up as a sponsor! I am only one of many, this contest has so many prizes offered that everyone who enters should win something! Prizes include cash, blog reviews, advertising and much more. In fact, there is over $4,500 being offered in cash and prizes! For a complete list of prizes keep reading. To enter the contest click on the banner above and read the post at The Net Fool.

I’m going to run my own little side contest here in conjunction with the Net Fool Contest. Leave a comment on this post and I will give 10 random commentors 10 Entrecredits each! Make sure I know your Entrecard ID!

Now for the prize list…it’s huge!

The Official Prize List (Summary)

The best way to win a prize in The Net Fool’s Outrageous Blog Contest is to post about the contest. In doing this, you should grab this recap list directly (with links) so you can really “cut to the chase” with your own readers and let them know what the contest offers.


Web Hosting

WordPress Themes & Design

WordPress Scripts & Software

Blog Advertising

Blog Reviews


  • 2 Year Subscription to GoStats Pro from GoStats
  • 5 One-Year VIP Memberships to from Xavier Media
  • Premium Subscription to from DotSauce

Entrecard Credits


The Official Prize List (Detailed)


$250 Cash from PepperJam Network
The PepperJam Network is a brand new affiliate ad network founded by Kristopher Jones that is really geared toward bloggers. These guys know what they are doing, and I trust them to run all of my advertisements. Great rates, superior service, and the care enough about the little guy to donate to! Remember, you must be a member to get the $250 in your account.

$50 Paypal Cash from Ades Blog
This is one of the best run ‘make money online’ blogs on the internet. If you are looking into entrepreneurship, blogging and marketing… you simply must pass through AdesBlog. This blog has one of the best set ups I have seen, and I have learned so much from it already. Remember to subscribe to the AdesBlog RSS feed if you want to be eligible to win this prize!

$25 Paypal Cash from Sohaib Thiab
If you’ve ever wanted to find interesting money making websites, but don’t even know where to start… my good friend over at Sohaib Thiab’s ‘How To Make Money Online’ blog can help! This blog is fantastic, and a great way to keep up on the newest communities online. Definitely a resource to check out.


1 Year Web Hosting (3GB Space, 10GB Traffic) from Young Online Millionaire
There is no better place to learn about making it rich quick than from a young online entrepreneur who is the CEO of his own company at just 20 years old. Fidel Betancourt Jr is a phenominal blogger whos marketing and blogging tips are sure to impress. This Web Hosting package includes 3GB space, 10GB bandwidth and all the fix-ins from a dedicated server. Make sure to subscribe to Fidel’s RSS feed to thank him for his efforts (although he generously declined to require it).


$500 Custom Premium Blog Design from Pixel Jig
I attribute a lot of my recent success to this great web design that I have. If you want the most profesional design and coding services, look no further than! These guys produce some of the best work I have seen, with everything so clean, professional, and made just the way you want it. My friend Sahil has generously pledged a full free $500-valued custom design to one lucky winner, and I feel like all of you should check out his incredible and inspiring work.

2 Copies of the Revolution WordPress Theme from Brian Gardner Media
The Revolution Theme is one of the most popular, and more professional, WordPress themes available for your use. If you want to build a blog, starting with good design and coding is square one, and this is exactly where Brian Gardner excells! Check out the demo here. You can get your whole website off the ground with Brian Gardner Media. They offer everything from consulation, to design, to actually installing your blog’s software.


2 Copies of the FruitfulTime TaskManager from FruitfulTime
One thing I can’t stress enough is getting your ideas and your time organized. I have tried out this new TaskManager from FruitfulTime, and there is really no better option. After the recent price cut, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be blogging more efficiently with this awesome software. Successful people manage their time efficiently, so get successful today.

Liscenced Copy of OIO Publisher from OIOpublisher
I have already written a full review of the best WordPress monetization plugin, which we call OIO Publisher. Seriously, this isn’t a plug… you need to have this script if you are serious about making moeny online. I use if on, why would you keep settling for 50% cuts of profit when you can have 100%!? Start selling ads automatically like a pro!

WP Auctions Gold Version from WP Auctions
Auctions are a great way to get your product advertised in a user friendly environment. People absolutely love this script, and it has become one of the top monetization plugins for WordPress. Kiss your listing fees goodbye with WP Auctions, where you can do everything live from your own blog! Everything is in real time and very efficient, you gotta put this on your list!


Directory Listing

Featured Listing on Aviva Directory from Aviva Directory
Listing your blog or website in a web directory is one of the best ways to maximize your traffic and search engine rankings. The Aviva Directory is a relatively new service that has taken the internet by storm. This generous prize from Aviva will give you a featured listing to really show off your site to the masses. Aviva is fast becoming one of the internet’s premeir web directories!

Blog Listing and Bundle Pack 2 from 1 Cool File
If you are looking to find something on the internet, chances are you’ll get it at 1 Cool File. This website has a huge stockhold of files and websites that are easy to find and easy to use. You can get your blog or any software/script/program you made listed here and start seeing some insane traffic with ease. They’ve donated a free listing and a bundle package which includes everything from a review to a staff rating.

125 x 125 (1 month)

125×125 Ad Spot from BlogTrepreneur is one of the biggest entrepreneur blogs around. With over 1400 RSS subscribers, you are going to get some great exposure. This is the website I turn to when I am looking for tips on how to effectively make money with businesses. While other blogs stop at building traffic, BlogTrepreneur teaches you everything from email lists to expense tracking. You have got to see what they have to offer!

125×125 Ad Spot from Life Is Colourful
Life is Colourful is a very unique ‘make money online’ blog in that they guide you through the process of making the internet your playground along with them. They track how much money they are earning, so you know the methods work, and all of the blogging and marketing tips you’ll pick up are truly essential for success.

2 125×125 Ad Spots from Webmaster Plaza
Webmaster Plaza is a relatively new webmaster’s blog that has a lot of useful information about making money as a webmaster online. Filled with both common knowledge that every blogger should know, to more advanced methods of bringing in the bacon… this blog is definitely worth a visit!

2 125×125 Ad Spots from BloggerVenue
Few websites have friendlier webmasters than Hugo from BloggerVenue. This website is focused on making you money on the internet, and is definitely one of the best new startups I have seen over the years. Everything is clean-cut and well organized to help guide you through your entrepreneur-journey… and I feel that even the most advanced bloggers can stand ot learn a thing or two from this fast growing blog.

125×125 Ad Spot from BobbyT Blogging To A T
This isn’t your standard ‘make money online’ blog by any means, Blogging To A T has everything from Web 2.0 to blogging news and opportunities. Basically a one-stop shop for your research into the blogging world. If you are looking to expand your knowledge about the blogosphere, you are going to want to check out what Bobby T has to say!

125 x 125 (2 month)

125×125 Ad Spot from Hedge Against Speculation
Me and Richard from Hedge Against Speculation have been stock trading buddies for awhile now, and if you have an interest in how things work around the stock market, you are going to want to check out Jam-packed with trading tips that go beyond the basics, this blog puts out recommendations almost daily and helps analyze trades.

Text Link Ads

Lifetime Blogroll Text Ad from Hedge Against Speculation

Banner Ads (1 month)

720×90 Banner Ad Spot from Webmaster Plaza


Full Blog Review from Wayne Liew
I’m a big fan of the “keep it simple” model used by to help guide you through making money on the internet. There is definitely a lot of great material on this blog, and I have been known to traffic it frequently in order to pick up some tricks of the trade. So many great articles, its hard to sum things up here… I’d recommend you take a look.

Full Blog Review from Article Snatch
To go along with one of the best online article submission databases, has offered up a great blog review on their blogging homepage. This is a fantastic blog that is well trafficed, and really acts as a good compliment to their article service. You can find a lot of solid articles on building traffic and making an effective blog post, basically all the good stuff you want to hear for improving your website.

Full Blog Review from Life Is Colourful

Full Blog Review from Webmaster Plaza

Full Blog Review from BloggerVenue


2 Year Subscription to GoStats Pro from GoStats
If you were looking for a quick and easy way to track all of your web stats in an organized way, you need to consider GoStats, one of the web’s leading traffic stats providers, in your quest. I have reviewed some free services, but this excellent package valued at an affordable $90/year can do everything the other guys can and more! They’ve been in the business since 1999, and still offer top-notch service. Check out all they have to offer!

5 One-Year VIP Memberships to from Xavier Media
Xavier Media is an up-and-coming webmaster resource conglomerate. I’d call them the General Electric of webistes because they literally have everything you can imagine and offer things at very affordable rates. From a main blog about making money online, to an entire network of sites for coding/hosting/designing etc., this is a website to visit!

Premium Subscription to from DotSauce
If you have an interest in domain names, anywhere from marketing them to grabbing the latest and greatest names for reselling purposes, you can find tons of information over at Great tips on how to organize and manage domain names as well as a full set of domaining content, tricks & tips. Even if you are just buying your first domain name, you can find the best one available with help from DotSauce.


2000 Entrecard Credits from Big Free Articles
Submitting articles to free article databases is one of the best methods to increase your serach engine rankings with ease. Without exception, is a great website to submit some quality posts. They are definitely one of the more successful destinations with over 150,000 articles from over 14,000 authors. Take a look!

1000 Entrecard Credits from Tim Yimto
Tim Yimto is one of the best known affiliate marketing bloggers on the internet, and for good reason. The blog doesn’t waste too much time on the basic and abstract articles. Instead, Yimto blogs about everything useful, from new products that are making a buzz, to actual techniques that can make you money online. A 22 year old entrepreneur, you can stand to learn a lot from this blog!

750 Entrecard Credits from Let’s Talk About Money
Let’s Talk About Money is an upstart entrepreneurs forum that has been looking for some added exposure. They definitely have a great community started, and I want to encourage everyone to join or at least have a look. From filing taxes to promoting an e-Business, there’s tons of information to absorb.

750 Entrecard Credits from The Work From Home Professional
There is far too much information about working from home on the internet. Figuring out which ones are scams and which are profitable can be a real pain, this is where the Work From Home Pro steps in! Great information about scams and opportunities can be found here if you are interested in making money from the comfort of your home.

3x 168 Entrecard Credits from Bloggin-Ads
Apparantly, 168 represents prosperity, and is very feng shui in its nature. Going with the theme, Bloggin-Ads is a fantastic ‘make money online’ blog that can make you prosperous as well. Learn the ins-and-outs of blogging for money in an easy to understand, yet professional manner.

5000 Entrecard Credits from BloggerVenue

2000 Entrecard Credits from Article Snatch

1500 Entrecard Credits from BobbyT Blogging To A T

1500 Entrecard Credits from Webmaster Plaza

500 Entrecard Credits from DotSauce


Professional Blog Consultation Report from Scribbles & Words
“Design better. Write better.” This is the phrase Scribbles & Words lives by, and if you want to learn how to write effectively… why not learn from the best? This blog is jam-packed with information, and they have generously offered their $90 consultation service to one lucky winner. S&W knows what they are talking about, and can really help you on your way to increasing traffic & exposure.

2 One-Hour Blog Consulations from The University Kid
This is one of my favorite blogs on the internet. At just 16, Jason (author) really knows his stuff about blogging and can help you create your own online empire. I try to read his ramblings daily, and there is so much content it will make your head spin. By generously offering consultations to the contest, you have the chance to learn about running your website from one of the best!

20 One Buck Wiki Pages from OneBuckWiki
The One Buck Wiki system is really an ingenious entrepreneur strategy in making money on the internet by purchasing pages where you can promote your business, blog, product or whatever you want. The current price per page is $20, so this is a steal! I great way to drive your traffic and increase your visibility on the web.

20 Beer Stock Pages from Site Hoppin
The Site Hoppin’ system is a great way to get your traffic to explode and have tons of different people view your website. With each beer stock page, you will be given a slot in the rotation to have lots of visitors “view the web like an iPod,” where they will be essentially hopping around your website. This will definitely dramatically increase your exposure and should gain a good amount of dedicated readers.

Unique List of 20 Available Domain Names from Word Fuse
If you are looking for profitable domain names, WordFuse is the website you will want to check out. They have a great research team that can pull you some of the best sounding/looking domain names around to optimize your website from the get-go. Internet success derives a lot from how easy your page is to access, get the name people will remember from Word Fuse!

Aviva Directory T-Shirt from Aviva Directory

Unlimited ‘”Dollar Million” guides from The University Kid
Jason has generously agreed to donate a copy of the sucessful “Dollar Million” guide to making money on the internet for just a dollar to everybody who participates in this contest. Why not stop by his blog and thank him for the jesture? There’s tons to learn!

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