Make Money with Adsense and Get BackLinks for Free!

There are two things most bloggers I know are looking for. They want to know how they can make money with Adsense, and they want to know how they can get more backlinks to their blogs. The following sites allow you to do both. They are all revenue sharing sites where you can earn money by posting content. They also encourage you to link back to your own blogs, so by posting you also get some lovely do-follow links!

But don’t think these are places where you can just spam away. They all require good content that provides value to the reader.

Bukisa is a revenue sharing site where you are paid for page views. The amount you are paid per 1000 page views varies depending on your “Bukisa index”. They do not directly link to your Adsense account, rather, when you reach a minimum payout of $10 you are paid via PayPal. You are encouraged to post original content, however, you can re-post your own content.
Bukisa is a good place to start blogging for money because you don’t need an adsense account and you don’t even need your own blog. You can literally get started for free.

Xomba is a revenue sharing site where you can post original articles, or you can “bookmark” links to sites that you like. You do need your own Adsense account. With Xomba 50% of the time your articles and bookmarks are showing your Adsense ID and you get paid for the clicks, the other 50% of the time the Xomba gets paid for the clicks.

Hubpages is one of my favorites and one of my “hubs” (articles) has earned over $100. They are also a site where part of the time you get credit for the Adsense clicks, and part of the time Hubpages gets the credit. They have a nice 60/40 split so most of the time the clicks are yours! In addition to Adsense you can also earn commissions from Amazon and Ebay.

SheToldMe is another revenue sharing site where you need your own Adsense account. You can post original articles and “scoops”. A scoop is like a bookmark on Bukisa. It is a link to a site that you find interesting. You can scoop your own site or anyone elses. You do need to write a short, original paragraph about the scoop. What I really like about SheToldMe is that they place one adblock in your article or scoop that shows your Adsense ID 100% of the time. Your posts are always working for you! The other ads on the page go to SheToldMe.

YouSayToo is a revenue sharing site with both Adsense and Amazon. What I really like about this site is you can add your rss feeds and your new blogs posts will automatically be shown on the site. They have a 50/50 revenue share where 1/2 of the time the ads are yours and 1/2 of the time the add income goes to YouSayToo.

Blog Engage is a little different from the others in that you need to have your own blog where you create your posts and articles. You can then submit them to the site where other users can vote your posts up or down. Blog Engage is a 50/50 Adsense revenue site, but with a little effort there is a way where your posts can show your Adsense ID 100% of the time.

These are just 6 sites that I am using. I know there are more! Feel free to comment if you know of other revenue sharing sites.

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