Is Now A Good Time To Buy Stock?

Should you be buying stock now? The markets are at the lowest levels they have been in in years, and with careful research, you may be able to find some bargains. However, what stops many small investors, is the high cost of stock trading. A traditional broker can charge more than $50 per trade, making it difficult for the small investor to make any profits even with a rapidly rising market. The answer for many people is online trading.

I have been trading online for close to 5 years now. When I was looking for an online broker I looked at many different variables. How easy was it to trade? Was there a minimum deposit required to open an account? What were the trading fees? I wanted to get into stock trading, but I didn’t want to have to invest large amounts of money.

The online broker I eventually chose was I have been with them for many years now and have been very happy. They are easy to use and have no minimum deposit requirements. And the commissions are low. Currently just $6.95 per trade.

The old adage is to buy low and sell high. This may be a good time to buy stock. Be sure to do your research and start small until you can some skill and knowledge.

8 thoughts on “Is Now A Good Time To Buy Stock?”

  1. There sure seem to be some good opportunities to buy now. I would still guess the market could well be lower 6 months from now. But the price of many stocks looks good now when you think of a longer term. And trying to time what the market will do in a few months is too difficult to succeed at long term. Warren Buffett recently said he see many good opportunities to buy today.

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  2. I think, long term, trying to time the absolute bottom will not work. There are some great bargains out there right now. They may go lower during the next year, but I am sure that long term investors will not be dissapointed.

  3. You need to have a plan on how to trade in both a falling and a rising market. This way when the market starts to go down and your stocks start to lose money, you won’t panic and you will calmly execute your plan for the best possible profit.

  4. Managing your money so that you can prevent it from risks is critical to achieving the most profit. Management is an important aspect of stock market trading. Before you begin to trade stocks, you need to have a plan of what to do with the profits and how to grow your nest egg.

  5. I watch the talking heads on cable news shows. I do not see a big push from this group to buy. The credit issues must be resolved before I would consider buying again.

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