Free Tax Preparation This Saturday

The IRS is calling this Saturday, March 21, 2009, Super Saturday and is offering free tax preparation for people earning less than $42,000 per year. There are over 250 Taxpayer Assistance sites, and hundreds more community sites where trained volunteers will prepare your Federal income tax returns for free. You will need to bring all … Read moreFree Tax Preparation This Saturday

Tax Deductions for Your Online Business

Last year I wrote a post called 101 Tax Deductions for Your Online Business.   I was looking it over today, and thought I would point out a few of my favorites. #10. Business related webinars and seminar fees. This is one of my all time favorite deductions, because I love to travel, and I love … Read moreTax Deductions for Your Online Business

Secrets The Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Everytime I hear these ads I just want to scream! DON’T DO IT! I know it sounds tempting. I know you have lots of debt and you don’t know how you are ever going to get out from under it, but trust me, this is one secret you don’t need to know. So this is … Read moreSecrets The Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You To Know

What To Do If You Have Unpaid Back Taxes?

Tax time is here! It is bad enough just needing to file one tax return, but what if you have unfiled back tax returns and unpaid taxes? Having unfiled tax returns can be very stressful. The IRS can make your life miserable. They can garnish your wages, put a lein on your house, and even … Read moreWhat To Do If You Have Unpaid Back Taxes?

Debt Free Forever – Adding Up The Debt

This is the second post in a series that will explore how you can become debt free, and stay debt free forever. Future posts will talk about when you should and should not use credit cards for purchases. Why you should care about your credit score, how to save money on every day expenses, will credit repair companies help you or hurt you and much more. Make sure to subscribe to our feed so you don’t miss a single installment of this series.

I hope you have read the first post and have made your commitment to become debt free forever. Last time we talked about the problem of debt, and of the fact that most people do not get an adequate financial education. With this post we are going to start into the real work of becoming debt free forever. And the best place to start is with credit card debt.

Credit cards are easy to obtain and easy to use. In fact, most stores will give you a discount on your purchase if you will sign up and/or use the store credit card. Why is that? Because they know that you will probably not pay off your purchases every month, and that they will earn more from you in interest charges and fees than the discount that you get.

It is interesting to see just how much a purchase made on a credit card can end up costing you. Let’s look at an extreme example.

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Children and the Family Business

Have you heard the ad on the radio? You know, the one with the kid talking with the cute lisp about her Dad’s used car lot? Or how about the yellow page ad, the one with the picture of the dentist and his family? Do the used car salesman and the dentist think that using their children in their ads will help bring in business? Or maybe the reason they have their children in their ad is because they have a shrewd tax adviser?

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Last Minute Tax Tips

Here are some last minute tax tips straight from the IRS. If you’re trying to beat the tax deadline, there are several options for last-minute help: • Receive a six-month extension of time to file using Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. • Payment options are … Read moreLast Minute Tax Tips