Book Review: Land of Opportunity Forever

The Land of Opportunity Forever: Energizing America

by Stephen Manoj Thompson, Ph.D

One of the great things about the internet is being able to find books by unknown authors that are outside of the mainstream, yet have compelling and interesting content. Land of Opportunity is one of those books.

In The Land of Opportunity Forever: Energizing America Dr Thompson looks at two major world economies. The first chapter looks at America and how it became the superpower of the world. The next two chapters detail some of the social and cultural issues that are challenging America’s status as a superpower. Then the attention turns to India, a country which is becoming a major world economy.

Specifically he looks at social conditions in India and America and shows that the weakening of American culture and moral appearance is at the root of it’s economic problems. He contrasts that with India’s strong national culture and pride of country and its growing presence in the world economy. He then finishes with suggestions on the changes America needs to make to remain a super power.

I found The Land of Opportunity Forever: Energizing America a very interesting read. I had to agree with many of the suggestions. Especially those regarding America’s education system. The current system is failing with unacceptable high school drop out rates. We need more college graduates with degrees in science and engineering. We need to encourage people to get out of debt and start saving. We need to encourage strong families. By looking at the social and cultural influences that are fueling India’s economic growth we can see what needs to be done for America to maintain its position as world super power.

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  1. I also enjoyed this book. It is refreshing these days to hear optimisim in this very negative business environment, and the Author has captured the true essence, with a sincere appreciation of what we Americans so often take for granted.

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